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by providing them with effective visual stimuli and interactive experiences ideal for their development.


for baby and child — thoughtfully designed and crafted with natural and organic materials.


by striving for sustainable and eco-friendly business practices, materials, and ethical manufacturing.


Wee Gallery collections are both educational and artful. They go hand-in-hand in our book. Over the years we have informally worked with a mix of child development experts who have introduced Wee Gallery merchandise to their own children. We recently created a more formalized group of advisors to ensure we stay informed about advances in the area of infant development so our products can maintain high standards as educational tools. Similarly, each of our collections’ designs must pass the test of, “Will this equally enchant both children and design obsessed parents?”

Wee products engage children for years. Though our products are designed with infant development in mind, we have found that they have a much longer lifespan in children’s lives. So while infants are mesmerized by the high-contrast patterns used in our Art Cards’ whimsical hand-painted images, the six month old loves to focus on a card’s single figure, and the two year old is able to call them by name. Similarly, our stroller toys have bold high-contrast images that engage babies and toddlers, while the back of each card has a related question about the image as a way to engage toddlers and a-bit-older kids in a game of “wee spy” while out and about.

Wee Gallery strives to use eco-friendly materials. That means we minimize use of plastics and avoid materials that may have dangerous effluents involved in their production, such as PVC. Our wall graphics are made of EVA, a vinyl product without dangerous effluents. Our printed paper products, made in China, are made from FSC-certified paper and soy-based inks. Our cotton products are produced with GOTS-certified organic cotton, which means no chemical softeners. (That’s why it takes a few washes for our swaddles to become super soft.) While we do currently use plastic wrap to keep products safe while in transit, we are always looking for a better option.

Wee Gallery partners only with manufacturers that will abide by a code of conduct that includes ecologically and socially sustainable practices. They must agree to pay their workers a fair wage and provide good working conditions. Among our global partners are China’s Leo Paper group, which is ISO 9000 certified and consistently earn industry awards for good overall practices, as well as our Indian factory which is a GOTS-certified manufacturer of organic cotton textiles.


Wee Gallery products are made with babies and their parents in mind. As a result, we are committed to the safety of our products, for babies, for parents and for the environment.

All our products are manufactured in small runs by trusted partners. There is no lead or Pthalates in any of our products.

Wee Gallery Cards are off-set printed by Leo Paper Group, in China. They are manufactured from FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) Art Board printed with Soy-based inks.

All Cotton items made by Wee Gallery are made in a GOTS certified facility in South India. The cotton is 100% organic cotton. All Polyfill used in soft toys and playmats is OEKO TEX certified for baby products.

Wee Gallery Wall Graphics are printed by Blik Surface Graphics in USA. They are printed on Polypropylene which is a partially bio-degradeable polymer of vinyl that can be recycled. The Graphics are re-stickable and can be peeled from any wall with no damage to the surface. For safety, please keep wall graphics out of children’s reach.

Wee Gallery Books are manufactured in a number of different ways. 32 Ways Books and Bunny and Bear Coloring Books are made with recycled paper by Pinball Publishing in the USA. But all other books on our site are published by Quarto Publishing UK and made in China. The Softbooks, Slide and Play Books, Sound Books, and Bath Books are all licensed to Quarto.

Wee Gallery Temporary Tattoos are manufactured by TattooFun in the USA. All the tattoos are FDA approved and removeable with baby oil.