A special request inspired four new children’s activity books

It is truly a joy to see children playing and learning with our products. We are lucky to have such a wonderful network of Instagram followers who tag their beautiful photos of their little ones enjoying something that Wee Gallery made for them – and it really warms our hearts! Occasionally, we even receive ‘fan’ mail.

One such very special letter-writer is Iris, who has sent us several of the most lovely letters thanking us for our 32 Ways Dress Up Books, which she says that she and her sister really adore! We thank her for her wonderful imagination and inspiring us to create four new ’32 Ways’ activity books with her animal suggestions in mind.

And with that, we present to you (hot off the presses!) our newest quirky, colorable, collage-able, creative, keepsake-making, entertaining, ’32 Ways to Dress’ books – featuring Baby animals, Nordic animals, Wild animals and Woodland animals.