Advent Calendar Ideas - No Stress Required!

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Holiday Advent calendars are such a fun and heartwarming tradition, and our favorite ones are reusable and eco friendly. But, if you have a hard time thinking of ideas for your Christmas countdown calendar year after year, we have put together a few here that include activities and little gifts.

We absolutely love this article by Lauren Rodych-Eberle

Excerpt: "I want to start this by saying, if a Christmas Activity Advent Calendar makes you feel stressed or brings up guilt for you, or simply feels like it is just another thing that will add to your mental load, you don’t need to do it. We love our Activity Advent Calendar over here, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Or maybe it’s not for you this year. So, release the guilt..." (read on here)

Ideas for filling your pocket advent calendar:

-stickers (or bandaids - which they can wear for pretend boo-boos)

-arts & crafts supplies (watercolors, crayons, markers, tape, beads, pipe cleaners)

-ornaments (ready-made, or blank to decorate)

-a play set like these house blocks or dollhouse pieces that can be spread out over the days

-treats and snacks

-little necessities like socks, sunglasses, cooking tools, toothpaste (ok, toothpaste might not be their favorite gift but maybe it can be fun!)

-notes or rhymes

Tag us in your posts or let us know what fun and creative ideas you came up with!

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