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A Season To Remember

The most eco-friendly gifts of all are truly those that will stand the test of time and be cherished for generations. We think of them as heirloom or keepsake gifts and Christmas is a wonderful time to share the things we find extra special and create traditions around gift-giving. Here are a few ideas for some thoughtful keepsake-style gifts for this holiday season and beyond.

 Illustrations of nesting dolls, Wee Gallery ornaments, and embroidered name, and a Christmas story book.


A lovely keepsake, like hand-painted nesting dolls, or other functional display pieces and collectibles make a really special gift. Create a theme for collections based on subject matter (ex: animal), color scheme, or material – and give one special collection gift each year, or whenever the timing is right.


Embroidering special items, or having them embroidered, such as a blanket, Christmas stocking, or table runner, is a beautiful way to add personalization and create a lasting heirloom gift. If there is someone in your family who enjoys creating needlework, this is a way you can loop them in for co-gifting, too.


A unique or classic book makes a wonderful keepsake gift and a seasonal holiday book is something that you and your family will be eager to bring out and read each year. Many classic books come in various editions – so you can pick out one that suits your giftee.


Many of us are eager to decorate our trees each Christmas holiday season. Selecting a special keepsake ornament or set each year not only makes a great gift, but begins a charming tradition, too.

Illustrations of a frying pan, a photo album, a holiday vinyl record, and a Christmas tree.


Quality, functional cookware is beloved by anybody who spends time in the kitchen. Gifting one sought after chef’s tool each year will create a lovely family tradition and collection that will surely see plenty of use.


The holidays are a great time to start putting together a family photo album, and a traditional album will allow you to add to your legacy book bit by bit. Idea: if you are getting together with family this holiday, ask each household to bring a photo to contribute to your album.


Starting a Christmas music collection is such a fun way to bring out the holiday cheer. Playing that special music once per year stokes our memories and nostalgia.

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