Easter Crafts with Kids: Onion Egg Dye and Patterns

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Trying A Natural Onion Skin Dye Craft for Easter Eggs

A DIY Activity that can be done with children and family.

Looking for a creative and fun family-friendly craft for Easter weekend? Try our Onion skin dye Easter eggs - patterns and instructions available for download here. We experimented with lots of different techniques with these eggs to bring you our favorite results with step by step instructions. The onion dye gives results with the look and feel of tie-dye (bring on the tie dye craze!) and even the most unexpected results can be really beautiful. Plus, it's easy!

 A photo of supplies and completed brown dyed eggs with different patterns drawn on with a food safe pen.

There are really no mistakes with onion dye - which makes this craft extra kid friendly, and if you stick with food-safe materials, you can dine on the results of your beautiful eggs when it's time for a snack.

Step 1: Prepare the eggs. Use rubber bands and washi tape to create designs. Step 2: Dye with boiled onion skin.

​- It’s a good idea to hold the egg with a paper towel while decorating, to prevent smudging the designs.

- tape doesn’t stick very well to condensation covered eggs, but that can actually produce some cool effects!

​- the more onion skin you use, the darker the color results will be.

Step 3: Admire. Step 4: Decorate. Use a food safe pen to draw different designs based on the lines you created with the dye.

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