Product Safety

Wee Gallery products are made with babies and their parents in mind. As a result, we are committed to the safety of our products, for babies, for parents and for the environment.

All our products are manufactured in small runs by trusted partners. There is no lead or Pthalates in any of our products.

If you have any questions or concerns about our products, please email us at

Art Cards

Wee Gallery Art Cards are off-set printed by Leo Paper Group, China. They are manufactured from Art Board printed with Soy-based inks and laminated with food grade lamination.

Wall Graphics

Wee Gallery Wall Graphics are printed by Blik Surface Graphics in USA. They are printed on Polypropylene which is a partially bio-degradeable polymer of vinyl that can be recycled. The Graphics are re-stickable and can be peeled from any wall with no damage to the surface. For safety, please keep wall graphics out of children’s reach.


Wee Gallery Books are manufactured by Pinball Publishing in the USA. The soft books are incorporate handloomed cotton, cotton batting and hand embroidering. The coloring books and drawing books are made from recycled papers and soy inks.

Temporary Tattoos

Wee Gallery Temporary Tattoos are manufactured by TattooFun in the USA. All the tattoos are FDA approved.


If not, please feel free to contact us. We’re happy to be of service. You can reach us via our toll free number during our hours of 10AM – 6PM EST Monday through Friday or any time via e-mail!

888.257.7257 (within the continental US)
+1.727.480.9804 (outside the continental US)