Paper Fortune 'Cookie' Notes

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Paper Fortune 'Cookie' Notes Craft for Every Day, Valentine's Day, New Year, and beyond.

By Farah Manley

Want to try a fun alternative to the traditional Valentine’s Day card? Perhaps a sweet way to send a secret message to a friend? Let’s create a DIY paper fortune cookie. It's super simple! All you need is a paper circle and 2 simple folds. See materials and steps below.


- coloured/patterned paper for the fortune cookie (download our file, or use your own decorative paper)
- printed paper strips with fortunes (or you can write your own notes using a pen)
- pencil
- scissors
- glue stick

Download the Free Printable here.

Screen shot of instructional video for how to make Wee Gallery's paper fortune notes.

Images showing printed out paper patterns and those pages cut into circles with rectangular note pieces.



1) Trace a circle on a piece of paper and cut it out. Or use our free download with pre-outlined circles and pretty patterns. The circle you see here is about 5.7” in diameter (you can fit two circles on a standard letter sized sheet of paper at this size.)

2) Cut out the message strips, and write out your fortunes, if you are creating your own messages.

3) Roll a bit of glue inside the left edge of the circle. Match the right edge with it, and hold until the two pieces stick together (see photo below). Do not press a crease along the centre fold.

3) Insert your paper fortune now, before you fold your cookie. It will stay in place once the cookie is folded and glued.

4) Press your forefinger into the centre of the cookie.

5) As you press in, use your other hand to guide the back edge into a fold (see photo below).

6) Once folded, roll a bit of glue into the fold and pinch your fortune cookie together until it holds.

Paper fortune cookies are such a fun and creative way for kids to make Valentines for their friends and family.

Printed circles with rectangle note pieces being glued over the center of them.

 Hands rolling and then folding the paper into a fortune cookie shape.

The four different designs of paper fortunes from this free download set.

Guest Blogger Farah Manley

Farah is an Architect and Mom, who's hobby is photography. Since beginning maternity leave, she wanted to remain creative and do fun things with her son, Heston, as he grows. One of the activities that they enjoy doing together is playful and imaginative crafts - it’s a great way for them to bond.

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