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What Parents & Experts Are Saying...

Dr. Jennifer Jipson, Dept. of Psychology + Child Development, California Polytechnic University

"The Wee Gallery collections are wonderful. As a developmental psychologist, I knew that babies love to look at black and white images, but now as the mom of a 2 month old, I've really seen this in action. I put the card collection in frames and hung them on the wall in my daughter's room...she LOVES to stare at the animals! I'm excited to get the sea animals and farm animals as well, to give her even more variety."

Daniel's Mom, Santa Barbara, California

"These cards were the first images our son ever focused on. When we showed them to him, he was mesmerized by the beautiful animal pictures on each of the cards. We taped the cards on his crib and we would hear him before he went to sleep and when he woke up 'talking' to his friends. We went on a 2 week multi-city trip when he was 4 months old and forgot to pack the cards. We had my sister FedEx a set to our hotel to make sure our son felt at home wherever we were."

Amy Thompson, Seattle, Washington

"We love the flashcards. Our newborn son won't let them out of his sight, and they work wonders on the plane (or in environments where you want to keep the baby hush hush)! I take them with me everywhere and swear by them. In fact, I have been buying a set for all of the new parents we know."

Traci Ruble, Half Moon Bay, California

"I just want to say THANK YOU for your little cards. My very frugal husband said the other day 'that was the best money spent' on any infant gift we have so far. Leif digs them."

Dr. James Brewer, Santa Barbara, California

"High-contrast visual patterns promote infant brain development. Wee Gallery is an artistic alternative to conventional infant stimulation products."

Chin Wang, Art Director, Boston Globe

"It's such a pleasant surprise to see baby products that are smart but also graphically beautiful."

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