From Wee Babies to Very Big Babies

by | Jun 5, 2017

As a parent, you’re probably well aware that your children will inherit this planet, but will it be the same planet? As founders of the Wee Gallery, we already focus on babies (and animals) but we are about to do that in a whole new way. Enter the San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy (SDZ Global), who is doing some wonderful things with Rhinos. The Northern White Rhino to be specific, and there are only 3 left in the entire world.

When we were approached by the San Diego Zoo last year, and took a special behind the scenes tour of their amazing Rhino program, we were blown away by their compassion, dedication and commitment to conservation of animals. We are so excited to be able to collaborate with them to create awareness around the Northern White Rhino, whose numbers are down to literally the LAST THREE on the planet. Unbelievable. When you buy a Wee Gallery Rhino Tshirt, you support the efforts to save this gentle giant from extinction.

A Little History:

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The wild is a very dangerous place for Rhinos. Very few survive outside the protection of nature preserves and zoos. This is because of poachers hunting them down for their horns. Nola was the darling of the San Diego Zoo when she was rescued and transferred to the San Diego Zoo in 1989. She was then joined by a male Northern White Rhinoceros named Angalifu in 1990. For nearly 30 years, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park cared for this pair with the hopes of breeding them. Sadly, breeding attempts between the two were unsuccessful. And soon, Nola was simply too old to carry offspring. Eventually,  Angalifu passed away in 2014, and Nola followed about a year later. With her passing, only 3 Northern White Rhinos remain in the entire world — two females and one male. Like Nola, these females are also unable to bear children due to the strain on their aging hips. However, Nola left a lasting love and inspiration at the San Diego Zoo and her death ignited a new passion in their team to find a way, and a revolutionary new program was initiated.

Together we can help:

In December 2016, our family was able to take a behind the scenes look at the new Rhino area at the Zoo, and we decided we wanted to be a part of this valiant effort by making a donation, and also spreading awareness. Our T-Shirts are locally printed and are available in baby to adult sizes. Every time you wear this shirt, you are helping to bring more awareness to Rhino conservation. Proceeds from these products are donated directly to San Diego Zoo Global’s conservation efforts to not only help save these amazing animals, but many other endangered species worldwide. Thank you in advance, for your support truly makes a difference!





Thanks to all who ordered and helped us take a step towards a better planet!