Wee Loves Northern White Rhinos

by | Jun 5, 2017

The San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy (SDZ Global) is doing weird and wonderful things in an effort to save the Northern White Rhino, of which there are only 3 in the entire world.

Wee Gallery was approached by SDZ Global about supporting the effort to stop the extinction of the Northern White Rhino. We were delighted that we could help the cause just by spreading cuteness which, as you may know, comes quite naturally.

Meet Nola

In 1974, a Northern White Rhinoceros was born in South Sudan. At around 18 months old, she was captured and kept in captivity for conservation purposes. Her rescuers named her “Nola.”

Nola would spend the rest of her life protected from danger and in 1989, she was transferred to the San Diego Zoo.She was joined by a male Northern White Rhinoceros named Angalifu in 1990. For nearly 30 years, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park cared for this pair with the hopes of breeding them.

Breeding attempts were unsuccessful, and eventually Nola was simply too old to carry offspring.

Angalifu passed away in 2014, and Nola followed about a year later. With her passing, only 3 Northern White Rhinos remain in the entire world — two females and one male. Like Nola, these females are also unable to carry babies due to the strain on their aging hips. However, Nola left a lasting impression of love and inspiration at the San Diego Zoo and her death reignited conservation efforts.

Rhino In Vitro

The three remaining Northern White Rhinos are a male who is too old to breed, his daughter, and a granddaughter.

The plan is to use Southern White Rhinos as surrogate mothers. As a result of over a century of protection efforts, the Southern White Rhino population is about 20,000. However, what SDZ Global is attempting has never been done before.

How we can help, together.

At Wee Gallery, we’re helping to raise awareness and funds for this project.

Our Northern White Rhino will be featured on American-made T-shirts, from baby to adult sizes, that spread awareness (and look adorable). Every time you wear this shirt, be proud to know that you are helping to bring more awareness to Rhino conservation.

We’re also releasing a special edition card set featuring the Northern White Rhino.  

Proceeds from both of these products will be donated directly to San Diego Zoo Global’s conservation efforts to help save these amazing animals and many other endangered species worldwide. You can help make a difference!

Order your Northern White Rhino t-shirt today and take your step toward a better planet!

And coming soon: A special edition of art cards for baby!

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