How do Wee Gallery images engage with cognitive development?

Babies have color vision – it’s just not fully developed in newborns. So in general, babies have trouble distinguishing colors and focusing, which leads them to be more attracted to borders and high-contrast patterns like black and white. As they get older their ability to see differences in color improves, as does their focus and depth perception. Wee Gallery’s art card for babies play to a baby’s strengths as they make this transition in their visual development.

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Will the wall graphics damage my walls?

They shouldn’t. They are made with a low tack adhesive that will peel off the wall and can be stuck again and again. But the condition of your wall is important. If the wall has not been properly primed or is damp the paint may peel and come off with the graphics. Check by trying in an unseen location before you begin your intended application.


We will be moving in a few months and I am wondering what the best way to transport [the wall graphics] will be. Can you offer any advice?

If you’ve disposed of the backing your wall graphics originally came with, your next best alternative is to stick the graphics to some varnished piece of furniture or glass, like a mirror, to make the trip. Make sure that you clean the surface of the furniture or mirror well before placing them there. When you peel off the graphics, from the wall and subsequently from the transportation “vehicle”, be careful to peel gently, and from a number of different angles to avoid ripping the pieces.


Why is polypropylene eco-friendly?

Polypropylene is a polymer of vinyl that does not off-gas and is not toxic during production or as a final product. Polypropylene is recyclable (PET 5) and can biodegrade when exposed to direct sunlight.


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