Color Me Bath Books Make a Big Splash

by | Jun 3, 2017

When our publishing partner Quarto Books first showed us the bath books idea we knew it was going to be a hit. But we had no idea how big. The first run has already sold out and the second run began just a few weeks after the launch on May 1.

We also assumed it would be just a bath book. But the flood of pictures and videos from stores and customers has shown us that these beautiful little books are being used more with brushes and fingers than suds and submersion.  The joy of seeing the colors magically appear is mesmerizing for children and adults alike.  Who knew bath books could be so beautiful? Wee did. 😉

The image of this little cutie playing with our new bath book – Color me: Who’s in the Pond? says it all. (Color me: Who’s in the Ocean? is also available now.)

Get yours now while you still can! It’s coloring fun for your little one wherever you may roam.

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  1. christine

    Is it reusable? Or colours stay forever. Is it foam material? BPA and pthalate free?

    • Christine Sublett

      Christine, Yes! The Bath Books are BPA and pthalate free. They are also reuseable. Set them out to dry after the bath and the fun starts all over again. They are a plastic outer coating with a foam inside, which makes them soft and pliable.


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