Northern White Rhino T-Shirt – Toddler Tee



Saving the Northern White Rhino

When we were approached by the San Diego Zoo last year, and took a special behind the scenes tour of their amazing Rhino program, we were blown away by their compassion, dedication and commitment to conservation of animals. We are so excited to be able to collaborate with them to create awareness around the Northern White Rhino, whose numbers are down to literally the LAST THREE on the planet. Unbelievable. When you buy a Wee Gallery Rhino Tshirt, you support the efforts to save this gentle giant from extinction. Thanks in advance for your support ?? 

The San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy are working hard to save the Northern White Rhino and many other species from extinction.  This Wee Gallery Northern White Rhino t-shirt is being offered for a limited time.  10% of your purchase price (which amounts to 40% of profit) will go directly to the San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy.  Your purchase helps their worldwide conservation efforts – Thank you!

Learn more about the programs of the San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy by following this link.


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