4 Reasons Why Bath Time is Important Time

by | Sep 25, 2017

Babies are experts at getting messy. From playtime to mealtime, we all keep wet wipes at the ready! As Mommies (or Daddies), we often welcome bathtime as a chance to get our little one clean from top to bottom, but did you know there are other great benefits to baby’s bathtime?

1. Alone Time

With the average bathtime for babies being about 23 minutes, we have more time that we normally spend in our own morning shower. This time is truly quality time. Cleaning baby, playing with them, and drying them off creates a bond of touch as well as a stronger emotional connection. It’s always important to have a set time to shut off your phone, tune everything else out, and bond with your child. Bathtime is perfect for this.

2. Exploring the Senses

Stimulation is an important part of infant development. It helps strengthen neural pathways that will help them later on in life. Spending bath time with your baby is exposing them to all sorts of sensations. The feeling of floating in water, the sounds of splashing, and having plenty of toys around will keep them occupied and entertained.

3. Making Bedtime Easier

Studies have shown that baths help reduce cortisol levels in infants. Cortisol is simply the hormone that causes us stress. A nice warm bath, along with some aromatic oils, will make it easier for your baby (and you as well) to get a good night’s rest. We all need more of that!

4. Learning About Water

Everyday is full of new experiences and insights for an infant. Bathtime is also a learning space for baby. Creating waves with your hands, blowing bubbles, and showing how some toys float while other sink gives them a better understanding of how water works. Plastic cups are also great for taking a bath. Your infant will be fascinated with filling them up and the pouring them out. Before you were jumping in pools or swimming at the beach, you were taking baths with mommy. It all begins here.

Making the Most Out of Bathtime

Cleaning, feeding, and dressing may be a boring part of an adult’s daily routine, but with babies, these things can be turned into a time of bonding, learning, and fun. At Wee Gallery, we believe this especially when it comes to bathtime. Check out our Color Me: Who’s in the Ocean and Who’s in the Pond. They’re water-safe, reusable, and make for a fun bonding activity.